Fees and Payment Methods

How it works

All fees are due at the beginning of each session. Cash, check, Zelle, PayPal, or Venmo (private) is preferred. Visa, Mastercard, or Flex Spending Credit Card are accepted.

The only in-network insurance that I am affiliated with is Anthem. Please note that if you have Anthem Health keeper’s HMO, it is not considered in-network. Anthem clients are responsible for the co-pay. Anthem clients are also responsible for payments in-full if Anthem refuses to pay due to a deductible not being met; or for any other reason. The client is responsible for paying the full Anthem fee until the deductible is met.

If you have out-of-network benefits, then I will provide you with a monthly statement, which you submit to your insurance for your percentage reimbursement. Most out-of-network insurances will reimburse approximately 70% of in-network fees. You are encouraged to contact your insurance for the specifics to your insurance plan.

I usually provide either 50 or 80 minute sessions.

To save time at our first session, you are welcome to download and complete the three forms (under the ‘Forms’ tab). Otherwise, you will complete the forms at the office. During our first session, we will review the forms and answer all your questions.


Individual Sessions and Consultations: 50 minutes $170 – $225

Couples Sessions/Life Coaching: 60 – 80 minutes $250 – $280

Trainings, Workshops, and Presentations: To be discussed

I offer a sliding fee schedule to eligible clients.

Accepted Payment Methods