Deaf & Hard of Hearing

I am hard of hearing myself. I was diagnosed at age 2 with a significant hearing loss due to frequent high fevers and antibiotics that caused inner ear damage. I began wearing hearing aids at age 2.5. I attended all-hearing schools throughout my childhood, and did not meet my first Deaf person until I was age 16. A little deaf girl approached me in the grocery store one day and began to sign to me assuming that I could because she saw my hearing aids. This was a life changing event. When I was age 18, I began taking sign language courses at a local college. It didn’t take long before I became fluent in ASL. I completed my undergraduate program at CSUN, and for the first time, I was using Deaf Services and sign language interpreters to enhance my own learning. With hearing aids, I can hear very well and test out with a ‘Mild’ hearing loss. Without my hearing aids, I test out as ‘Severe-Profound.’ It’s quite a drastic change with a flip of a switch!

My partner and daughter are hearing. I fully undeirstand the complexities and challenges that come with deaf/hearing families. I also understand the unique issues that come with being hard of hearing.

For my deaf clients, I have VP. Please email or text me so that we can arrange for VP calls.