All fees are due at the beginning of each session. Cash or check are preferred. Credit Cards (Visa or MC) are a 3rd option only when the other two are not available.

Dr. Smith is in-network with Anthem BCBS. Anthem Healthkeepers HMO is not considered in-network. Anthem clients are responsible for the co-pay. Anthem clients are also responsible for payments in-full if Anthem refuses to pay for whatever reason. For example: A medical deductible must be reached. The client is responsible for paying Dr. Smith the full fee until the deductible is met.

For clients who have ‘out of network’ benefits with their insurance, Dr Smith will provide a monthly statement, which you submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Most out-of-network insurances will reimburse approximately 70% of in-network fees. You are encouraged to contact your insurance for the specifics to your insurance plan.

Discounted rates are offered at times and when clients are eligible.

Individual Sessions and Consultations: 50-60 minutes $170-$180
Couples Sessions/Life Coaching: 60-75 minutes $250-275
Groups: 60-90 minutes $75-100
Trainings, Workshops, and Presentations: To Be Discussed