I am a clinical psychologist who is hard of hearing person with a severe hearing loss. I wear bilateral hearing aids. I grew up oral and I learned American Sign Language when I was age 18. I am fluent in sign language, Total Communication, and English. Whether you are an individual who is hard of hearing, deaf, late deafened, deaf-blind, or with a cochlear implant, we will work together to make sure that you feel safe, comfortable, and understood.

Aside from individual, couples, and group psychotherapy, I also travel to provide consultations, teach workshops, and present seminars to increase Deaf Awareness and education about a variety of issues pertaining to hearing loss as well as mental health.

Here are some of my activities:

  • Workshops with older adults and hearing loss
  • Group therapy with hard of hearing teenagers
  • Parent Support Groups
  • Trainings/Workshops for Sign Language Interpreters in regards to mental health
  • Consulting with disability advocacy groups
  • Group therapy in Total Communication for persons with eating disorders and other addictions

If you are interested in any of my professional services to assist an individual, group, or an entity, please contact me at 703-731-4581; or Video Phone and Skype calls can be scheduled.